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Manufacturer McDonnell Douglas
Model McDonnell Douglas DC-8-72
Country United States
Manufactured from 1969 year
Manufactured to 1988 year
Type Mid Size Passenger Jets
Icao DC87
Engine 4x CFM 56-2 C6
Power, hp Add
Power, lbf 34,000 lbf
Avionics Dual Collins VHF 21D, HF 628T-1 , TDR-94D
Max cruise speed 904 km/h
Approach speed 269 km/h
Travel range 18,150 km
Fuel economy Add
Service ceiling 12,802 m
Rate of climb 11.18 m/sec
Take off distance 3,050 m
Landing distance 2,000 m
Max take off weight 152,000 kg
Max landing weight 113,395 kg
Max payload 19,000 kg
Fuel tank capacity 91,891 l
Baggage volume 45.70 m³
Seats 189
Seats - business class Add
Seats - first class Add
Cabin height 2.21 m
Cabin width 3.51 m
Cabin length 42.49 m
Exterior length 48.00 m
Tail height 13.10 m
Fuselage diameter 3.74 m
Wing span 42.30 m
Wing tips No Winglets
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