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United States

Area (km²)9,833,5179,984,670
ContinentNorth AmericaNorth America
Land area (km²)9,147,5939,093,507
Water area (km²)685,924891,163
Land boundaries (km)12,0488,893
Border countries
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • US
Coastline (km)19,924202,080
Mean elevation (m)760487
Lowest point (m)-860
Highest point (m)6,1905,959
Official languages
  • English
  • English
  • French
Long country nameUnited States of America-
Short country nameUnited StatesCanada
Government typeConstitutional federal republicFederal parliamentary democracy
CapitalWashington, DCOttawa
GDP (PPP) (USD)19,490,000,000,0001,774,000,000,000
GDP (OER) (USD)19,490,000,000,0001,653,000,000,000
GDP (real growth rate) (%)2.23
GDP - per capita (PPP) (USD)59,80048,400
Gross national saving (% of GDP)18.920.8
Labor force160,400,00019,520,000
Unemployment rate (%)4.46.3
Population below poverty line (%)15.19.4
Budget revenues (USD)3,315,000,000,000649,600,000,000
Budget expenditures (USD)3,981,000,000,000665,700,000,000
Military expenditures (% of GDP)3.421.31
Taxes and other revenues (% of GDP)1739.3
Budget surplus or deficit (% of GDP)-3.4-1
Public debt (% of GDP)78.889.7
Inflation rate (%)2.11.6
Central bank discount rate (%)0.51
Commercial bank prime lending rate (%)4.13.2
Stock of narrow money (USD)3,512,000,000,000748,900,000,000
Stock of broad money (USD)3,512,000,000,000748,900,000,000
Stock of domestic credit (USD)21,590,000,000,0003,219,000,000,000
Market value of publicly traded shares (USD)25,070,000,000,0001,593,000,000,000
Current account balance (USD)-449,100,000,000-48,750,000,000
Exports (USD)1,553,000,000,000423,500,000,000
Imports (USD)2,361,000,000,000442,100,000,000
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold (USD)123,300,000,00086,680,000,000
External debt (USD)17,910,000,000,0001,608,000,000,000
National currencyUS DollarCanadian dollars
National currency (code)USDCAD
National currency (symbol)$$
National currency rate to USD-1.308

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