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Aliases: Independent State of Papua New Guinea, Papuaniugini, Territory of Papua and New Guinea

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Area 462,840 km²
Continent Australia
Land area 452,860 km²
Water area 9,980 km²
Land boundaries 824 km
Border countries
  • Indonesia
Coastline 5,152 km
Mean elevation 667 m
Lowest point 0 m
Highest point 4,509 m
Population 7,259,456
Official languages
  • Tok Pisin
Religion Roman Catholic
Long country name Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Short country name Papua New Guinea
Long local name Add
Short local name Papuaniugini
Former name
  • Territory of Papua and New Guinea
Government type Parliamentary democracy
Capital Port Moresby
GDP (PPP) 30,190,000,000 USD
GDP (OER) 19,820,000,000 USD
GDP (real growth rate) 2.5 %
GDP - per capita (PPP) 3,700 USD
Gross national saving 36.8 % of GDP
Labor force 3,681,000
Unemployment rate 2.5 %
Population below poverty line 37 %
Budget revenues 3,638,000,000 USD
Budget expenditures 4,591,000,000 USD
Military expenditures 0.27 % of GDP
Taxes and other revenues 18.4 % of GDP
Budget surplus or deficit -4.8 % of GDP
Public debt 36.9 % of GDP
Inflation rate 5.4 %
Central bank discount rate 14 %
Commercial bank prime lending rate 8.4 %
Stock of narrow money 5,409,000,000 USD
Stock of broad money 5,409,000,000 USD
Stock of domestic credit 7,091,000,000 USD
Market value of publicly traded shares 10,710,000,000 USD
Current account balance 4,859,000,000 USD
Exports 8,522,000,000 USD
Imports 1,876,000,000 USD
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold 1,735,000,000 USD
External debt 17,940,000,000 USD
National currency kina
National currency (code) PGK
National currency (symbol) K
National currency rate to USD 3.179

The eastern half of the island of New Guinea - second largest in the world - was divided between Germany (north) and the UK (south) in 1885. The latter area was transferred to Australia in 1902, which occupied the northern portion during World War I and continued to administer the combined areas until independence in 1975. A nine-year secessionist revolt on the island of Bougainville ended in 1997 after claiming some 20,000 lives. Since 2001, Bougainville has experienced autonomy; a referendum asking the population if they would like independence or greater self rule is tentatively scheduled for October 2019.

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