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Aliases: Republic of Finland, Suomen tasavalta/Republiken Finland, Suomi/Finland

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Attribute Value
Area 338,145 km²
Continent Europe
Land area 303,815 km²
Water area 34,330 km²
Land boundaries 2,563 km
Border countries
  • Norway
  • Russia
  • Sweden
Coastline 1,250 km
Mean elevation 164 m
Lowest point 0 m
Highest point 1,328 m
Population 5,571,665
Official languages
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
Religion Lutheran
Long country name Republic of Finland
Short country name Finland
Long local name Suomen tasavalta/Republiken Finland
Short local name Suomi/Finland
Former name Add
Government type Parliamentary republic
Capital Helsinki
GDP (PPP) 244,900,000,000 USD
GDP (OER) 252,800,000,000 USD
GDP (real growth rate) 2.8 %
GDP - per capita (PPP) 44,500 USD
Gross national saving 23.3 % of GDP
Labor force 2,473,000
Unemployment rate 8.5 %
Population below poverty line Add
Budget revenues 134,200,000,000 USD
Budget expenditures 135,600,000,000 USD
Military expenditures 1.29 % of GDP
Taxes and other revenues 53.1 % of GDP
Budget surplus or deficit -0.6 % of GDP
Public debt 61.3 % of GDP
Inflation rate 0.8 %
Central bank discount rate 1.25 %
Commercial bank prime lending rate 1.61 %
Stock of narrow money 152,600,000,000 USD
Stock of broad money 152,600,000,000 USD
Stock of domestic credit 323,900,000,000 USD
Market value of publicly traded shares 231,000,000,000 USD
Current account balance 1,806,000,000 USD
Exports 67,730,000,000 USD
Imports 65,260,000,000 USD
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold 10,510,000,000 USD
External debt 150,600,000,000 USD
National currency euros
National currency (code) EUR
National currency (symbol)
National currency rate to USD 0.885

Finland was a province and then a grand duchy under Sweden from the 12th to the 19th centuries, and an autonomous grand duchy of Russia after 1809. It gained complete independence in 1917. During World War II, Finland successfully defended its independence through cooperation with Germany and resisted subsequent invasions by the Soviet Union - albeit with some loss of territory. In the subsequent half century, Finland transformed from a farm/forest economy to a diversified modern industrial economy; per capita income is among the highest in Western Europe. A member of the EU since 1995, Finland was the only Nordic state to join the euro single currency at its initiation in January 1999. In the 21st century, the key features of Finland's modern welfare state are high quality education, promotion of equality, and a national social welfare system - currently challenged by an aging population and the fluctuations of an export-driven economy.

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