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Attribute Value
Manufacturer Yakovlev
Model Yakovlev Yak-55
Country Russia
Manufactured from 1981 year
Manufactured to 1993 year
Type Aerobatic
Icao YK55
Engine 1x Vedeneyev M14P 9-cylinder radial engine
Power, hp 360 hp
Power, lbf Add
Avionics Add
Max cruise speed 306 km/h
Approach speed 100 km/h
Travel range 706 km
Fuel economy Add
Service ceiling 4,000 m
Rate of climb 15.49 m/sec
Take off distance 150 m
Landing distance 300 m
Max take off weight 975 kg
Max landing weight Add
Max payload 90 kg
Fuel tank capacity 276 l
Baggage volume Add
Seats 1
Seats - business class Add
Seats - first class Add
Cabin height Add
Cabin width Add
Cabin length Add
Exterior length 7.29 m
Tail height 2.25 m
Fuselage diameter 1.00 m
Wing span 8.15 m
Wing tips No Winglets

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