Comparisons / Compairing economy of Czech Republic and Israel.

Compairing economy of Czech Republic and Israel. [E]dit [H]istory

Differences between this two countries in one comparisons table.


Area (km²)78,86721,937
Land area (km²)77,24721,497
Water area (km²)1,620440
Land boundaries (km)2,1431,065
Border countries
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Egypt
  • Gaza Strip
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Syria
  • West Bank
Coastline (km)0273
Mean elevation (m)433508
Lowest point (m)115-431
Highest point (m)1,6022,224
Official languages
  • Czech
  • Hebrew
ReligionRoman CatholicJewish
Long country nameCzech RepublicState of Israel
Short country nameCzechiaIsrael
Long local nameCeska republikaMedinat Yisra'el
Short local nameCeskoYisra'el
Government typeParliamentary republicParliamentary democracy
GDP (PPP) (USD)375,900,000,000317,100,000,000
GDP (OER) (USD)215,800,000,000350,700,000,000
GDP (real growth rate) (%)4.33.3
GDP - per capita (PPP) (USD)35,50036,400
Gross national saving (% of GDP)26.923.6
Labor force5,427,0004,021,000
Unemployment rate (%)2.94.2
Population below poverty line (%)9.722
Budget revenues (USD)87,370,000,00093,110,000,000
Budget expenditures (USD)83,920,000,000100,200,000,000
Military expenditures (% of GDP)1.194.35
Taxes and other revenues (% of GDP)40.526.5
Budget surplus or deficit (% of GDP)1.6-2
Public debt (% of GDP)34.760.9
Inflation rate (%)2.40.2
Central bank discount rate (%)0.050.1
Commercial bank prime lending rate (%)3.593.5
Stock of narrow money (USD)177,200,000,000100,400,000,000
Stock of broad money (USD)177,200,000,000100,400,000,000
Stock of domestic credit (USD)147,100,000,000290,700,000,000
Market value of publicly traded shares (USD)58,830,000,000243,900,000,000
Current account balance (USD)2,317,000,00010,120,000,000
Exports (USD)144,800,000,00058,670,000,000
Imports (USD)134,700,000,00068,610,000,000
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold (USD)148,000,000,000113,000,000,000
External debt (USD)205,200,000,00088,660,000,000
National currencykorunynew Israeli shekels
National currency (code)CZKILS
National currency (symbol)
National currency rate to USD23.343.606

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