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Aliases: Ceska republika, Cesko, Czech Republic

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Attribute Value
Area 78,867 km²
Continent Europe
Land area 77,247 km²
Water area 1,620 km²
Land boundaries 2,143 km
Border countries
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Slovakia
Coastline 0 km
Mean elevation 433 m
Lowest point 115 m
Highest point 1,602 m
Population 10,702,498
Official languages
  • Czech
Religion Roman Catholic
Long country name Czech Republic
Short country name Czechia
Long local name Ceska republika
Short local name Cesko
Former name Add
Government type Parliamentary republic
Capital Prague
GDP (PPP) 375,900,000,000 USD
GDP (OER) 215,800,000,000 USD
GDP (real growth rate) 4.3 %
GDP - per capita (PPP) 35,500 USD
Gross national saving 26.9 % of GDP
Labor force 5,427,000
Unemployment rate 2.9 %
Population below poverty line 9.7 %
Budget revenues 87,370,000,000 USD
Budget expenditures 83,920,000,000 USD
Military expenditures 1.19 % of GDP
Taxes and other revenues 40.5 % of GDP
Budget surplus or deficit 1.6 % of GDP
Public debt 34.7 % of GDP
Inflation rate 2.4 %
Central bank discount rate 0.05 %
Commercial bank prime lending rate 3.59 %
Stock of narrow money 177,200,000,000 USD
Stock of broad money 177,200,000,000 USD
Stock of domestic credit 147,100,000,000 USD
Market value of publicly traded shares 58,830,000,000 USD
Current account balance 2,317,000,000 USD
Exports 144,800,000,000 USD
Imports 134,700,000,000 USD
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold 148,000,000,000 USD
External debt 205,200,000,000 USD
National currency koruny
National currency (code) CZK
National currency (symbol)
National currency rate to USD 23.34

At the close of World War I, the Czechs and Slovaks of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire merged to form Czechoslovakia. During the interwar years, having rejected a federal system, the new country's predominantly Czech leaders were frequently preoccupied with meeting the increasingly strident demands of other ethnic minorities within the republic, most notably the Slovaks, the Sudeten Germans, and the Ruthenians (Ukrainians). On the eve of World War II, Nazi Germany occupied the territory that today comprises Czechia, and Slovakia became an independent state allied with Germany. After the war, a reunited but truncated Czechoslovakia (less Ruthenia) fell within the Soviet sphere of influence. In 1968, an invasion by Warsaw Pact troops ended the efforts of the country's leaders to liberalize communist rule and create "socialism with a human face," ushering in a period of repression known as "normalization." The peaceful "Velvet Revolution" swept the Communist Party from power at the end of 1989 and inaugurated a return to democratic rule and a market economy. On 1 January 1993, the country underwent a nonviolent "velvet divorce" into its two national components, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech Republic joined NATO in 1999 and the European Union in 2004. The country added the short-form name Czechia in 2016, while continuing to use the full form name, Czech Republic.

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